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Innovative Aesthetic BIM Coordination

One of the essential services in the construction sector is discussing BIM coordination. It is vital for every construction project. It strikes a balance between structural, architectural, and MEP engineering. Based on the designs' results, this is conceivable.

Our experts run effective construction models with rich information, references, and layers by coordinating with numerous BIM models. We provide our devoted clients with top-notch BIM Coordination. We are skilled at using the best tools to gather conflict reports and determine the number of clashes in the BIM model. We have helped clients to save time, funds, and other crucial resources since the advent of BIM Coordination.

Our BIM Coordination Service Process Flow

A well-known BIM Coordination Service Provider in Canada is Silicon EC. To guarantee that you receive the high-quality solutions you want within the predetermined period, we have worked hard to make our BIM coordinating process as efficient as possible.

Client Relations

Our engineer reviews the project's objectives, specifications, data collection process, and timelines.

Submission of the BIM model

The client provides designs or BIM models with data to the engineering team.

Development of 4D BIM

The engineering team provides a 4D BIM model that is fully sequenced and includes process data.

Analysis of Constructability

On-demand, a thorough initial constructability analysis is performed, and the client receives the report.

Checks for Coordination

The model is thoroughly checked for coordination problems or conflicts in the BIM model.

Coordination Report

The BIM engineer produces a coordination report with suggested resolution or mitigation recommendations.

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BIM coordination and building information modeling (BIM) go hand in hand. The BIM coordination services tie everything together, even if BIM modeling is a crucial instrument for effective building. We know that BIM 3D, 4D, and 5D modeling software to display architectural models, identify conflicts in the model, estimate bills of quantities and project costs, and more. As a result, pre-construction inefficiencies related to cost and time are lessened. Programs for coordination are explicitly made for the demands of your project and help teams and disciplines communicate better.

Our BIM coordination services combine all the various project renderings to produce a collaborative picture of the design that avoids clashes. BIM coordination ensures that projects are completed on schedule and avoids high costs for the construction crew. It concentrates on sensitive design issues, disparities, and unevenness in a way that expedites planning and development and, as a result, raises production value.

Benefits of BIM Coordination in Construction

Accuracy and Easy Coordination

In the context of the AEC industry, BIM enables greater collaboration across various trades and disciplines; as a result, the final design becomes more comprehensive, and there will be fewer issues during construction. BIM achieves this by visually building all systems and components in a single 3D image, which can check measurements, spot possible conflicts, and ensure that all parts will fit together as intended.

Level of Development 100- Conception

Lower Costs and Risks

Projects in the construction industry are more likely to stay on schedule and under budget with BIM coordination. BIM assists in preventing possible conflicts between various trades during the building phase, decreasing rework, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, BIM-based cost estimate is more precise, preventing cost overruns.

Level of Development 200- Configuration

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

BIM approaches may access and interact with the same virtual model during a construction project, doing away with costly paper drawings and encouraging more effective cooperation. Experts may quickly and accurately produce 2D schedules and images directly from the 3D model using BIM. It provides simulations that aid in testing various designs and construction situations. Therefore, BIM boosts efficiency and productivity throughout the construction lifecycle.

Level of Development 300- Demonstration

Enriched Sustainability

Better sustainability is a practical advantage of BIM coordination. BIM benefits in identifying possible issues that lead to increased waste or using limited resources by digitally modeling them. BIM also creates more environmentally friendly building practices and supplies. As a result, BIM has become a crucial tool for attaining more sustainability in the built environment.

Level of Development 350- Documentation

Enhanced Cooperation and Transmission

BIM's main advantage is improving communication and cooperation among all project team members. Each team member works independently during the conventional design and construction, frequently utilizing separate software and standards. When team members exchange mixed methods or information, this might cause misunderstandings and mistakes. Using BIM, however, makes it simpler for team members to locate and share the data. It makes collaboration considerably more effective and reduces the chance of errors.

Level of Development 400- Construction
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Why Do BIM Coordination Users Prefer Silicon EC?
  • World-class quality
    Our BIM coordination services produce an efficient workflow that consistently satisfies world-class standards. We are the worldwide chosen partner for renowned BIM-enabled building projects.
  • Maximize value
    Our dynamic BIM coordination services assist in balancing the many design components that go into producing a BIM model of the project's design. Our utilization of cutting-edge techniques and cutting-edge technology enhances value for clients.
  • Conflict detection
    We seek to provide our clients with the best options by spotting conflicts and defects in the design and discussing potential construction difficulties. We reduce design flaws to a minimum and construction team.

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BIM help saves time and money while ensuring that projects are finished on schedule and under budget by enhancing coordination and creating energy models. Silicon EC fills this need by making it simple for building industry experts to adopt BIM and enjoy its advantages. Join our Silicon EC team to learn how BIM Coordination helps you optimize your building projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do coordinators of BIM do?

    A BIM Coordinator oversees the creation and maintenance of digital models of locations, which serve as virtual files that aid in decision-making during the construction process.

  • The usage of 3D BIM coordinated models for clash-detection procedures is one of its many practical uses. Finding conflicts and interferences between architectural, structural, and a 3D BIM coordinated model can aid MEP systems.

  • Project administrators are prompted to establish a coordination space and set it against when they first log in to Model Coordination. The models may then be uploaded for inspection and clash coordination by team members who have access to the folder.

  • Building information modeling, or BIM, is a collaborative working approach that allows designers, builders, architects, installers, manufacturers, and other agents engaged in the building process to create and manage a construction project from beginning to end.