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Adding Value Proposition to your 3D BIM Models

BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication hold the material assembly in place using digital information. We also provide 3D BIM Modelling, 4D Modelling, MEP Modelling, Point Cloud Modelling, Structural BIM Modelling, Architectural BIM Modelling, BIM Drafting, and BIM conflict detection. All building professions use digital design to manufacture BIM workflow. Pipe cutting, Structural Steel Fabrication, Sheet Metal, and templating techniques are just a few applications for BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication. Our design staff is skilled in producing precise fabrication drawings for various professions, including MEP, Structural, and Architectural Engineering Services. Commercial and Residential Buildings while operating on various modern tools and software for delivering superior Fabrication and Prefabrication support.

BIM Fabrication Services | Digital Fabrication

Our BIM Fabrication Drawings avoid unnecessary material waste by providing fabrication information during construction. A data model might also be used with appropriate improvements to put the produced components together to create the final result. BIM and digital fabrication promise to utilise digital data in the AEC sector to automate production processes. Numerous features of each structure are made offsite and assembled on-site. Precast elements, steel constructions, and doors and windows are a few examples. Building information modelling, therefore, offers very accurate, continuously coordinated digital data. As a result, digital manufacturing could reduce costs and speed up construction.

The fabrication drawings state every minute of information regarding the picture. A good fabrication unit assists the fibbers, and the fabricators deliver a detailed drawing to you. Therefore, fabrication plays a vital role in the Shop Drawing construction.

BIM Pre-Fabrication Services | Modular Building

Silicon EC Canada is the top BIM modelling firm offering BIM Prefabrication Services globally at cost-effective rates. We produce and install MEP components more rapidly and precisely with our BIM prefabrication models. We aim to strengthen BIM with our regular practice. BIM Pre-Fabrication substantially speeds up the construction process by allowing communication with all trades. It streamlines the project timeline by enabling optimal planning to find and fix conflicts. The prefabricated building has several benefits :

  • The building components are prefabricated, with quality assurance and reduced time.
  • We create and perfect state-of-the-art Revit software that satisfies the demand for quickly converting architectural drawings into BIM models allowing for quick on-site manufacture.
  • There are various benefits to including prefabrication components in the BIM model of the structure.

Save costs and eliminate design clashes by entrusting your BIM project to our capable hands!
Make sure that your BIM Models are Clash free and well-coordinated!

Our BIM Fabrication and Prefabrication Services Include

Top benefits bestowed by BIM Fabrication and BIM Pre-Fabrication Services :
  • The promise of delivering high-quality data.
  • Reduce resistance by designing and building machines.
  • We create BIM models for better synchronisation.
  • Conflict resolution at LOD 300, 400, and 500 detailed levels
  • Flexibility in the arrangement.
  • Increase production, building, efficiency, and security.
  • Improved building performance through facilities management that is BIM-optimized.
  • Work packaging, on-site and offsite construction planning, and safety planning training.

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Silicon EC is a top-notch BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrocation Service provider that shares higher customer support and satisfaction in providence. You can get a free quote from our BIM Services Providers and your long-term building partnership. Contact us today to get any BIM solutions, and we will help with our BIM professionals' group. In addition, we manage an outline advancement, creation process, and construction handling that enhances the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What advantages are used in prefabrication and precast construction using BIM?
  • BIM enables the creation of 3D models or virtual replications of the building that may be used to identify problems, find solutions, and—most importantly—reduce execution costs. Compared to traditional buildings, BIM offers prefabricated or modular construction with more effective processes.

    Describe BIM modular.
    Building information modelling (BIM) is a crucial step in the modular construction process for accurately producing a virtual prototype of the building's prefabricated components before factory production. We provide BIM services to customers, including fabricators, modular builders, and contractors.

  • Prefabrication is assembling structures or their parts somewhere other than the construction site. The technique lowers building costs by saving labour, materials, and time.

  • Transporting the raw materials to the project site for assemblance and close-out for their owners is called Fabrication. Prefabrication is how buildings are fabricated in a factory and placed on the project site.