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An Overview of HVAC Fabrication Services!

We aim to be a guiding tool for AEC Industries that possess complete knowledge of software like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks for assembling HVAC Models. Our comprehensive HVAC and mechanical systems, which range from MEP design to HVAC duct design, assist clients worldwide in installing high-end mechanical systems in residential communities and commercial complexes. As a full-service mechanical contracting company, we have developed expertise in design, HVAC installation, testing & inspection, maintenance, and service. In addition, we can also handle every facet of designing and engineering building climate control systems, including ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.

HVAC Drafting & Detailing Services

Outsource Silicon EC to design your heating, cooling, and ductwork for releasing gases or dust. We offer design and drawing engineering services for HVAC, lighting, fire protection, steam and plumbing, and heat load calculations.

HVAC CAD Drafting and Ductwork Shop Drawings

The branches, cut lengths, duct, and pipe insulation thicknesses are things our HVAC professionals know about. Our team provides accurate ducting and plumbing shop drawing services at the scheduled time.

HVAC Mechanical Piping Shop Drawings

Drawings from the HVAC mechanical piping shop help foreshadow the areas of structures. Every piece of piping is accurately positioned on tags so that the contractor staff can inspect it anytime.

HVAC Systems

All types of buildings, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, use HVAC systems. The primary purpose of HVAC systems is to provide users with thermal comfort by automatically adjusting the temperature following outside environmental factors.

HVAC Mechanical Piping Fabrication Drawings

HVAC mechanical piping fabrication drawings are blueprint-like designs that provide construction workers with instructions. It makes locating systems more efficient. The software proposes a ready-made location design, streamlining installation and cutting down on time.

HVAC Plumbing Shop Drawings

The HVAC Plumbing Shop Drawings document all the details, including structures and titles, making it easier to observe the workflow. In addition, we offer incredibly high-quality plumbing services that adhere to international standards and codes.

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HVAC Engineering & Related Services in Canada

Silicon EC offers complete mechanical HVAC solutions that integrate information-rich graphical models and work with your project's specifications. We proffer exceptional BIM services to HVAC contractors, fibbers, and manufacturers. Our knowledgeable HVAC specialists coordinate every aspect for optimal accuracy and onsite compatibility.

We aim to offer creative, comprehensive, high-quality, energy-efficient HVAC engineering solutions that are affordable, even for the most technically challenging projects. Our skilled staff constantly preserves the highest standards of HVAC engineering expertise, from design to specification to installation. Unlike most HVAC engineering companies, we are unique and take great pride in our individualized approach to engineering.

Our full suite of services includes

HVAC system designs have various benefits.
Long-term advantages come from inventive technical approaches and energy-efficient craftsmanship.
  • Lowering material waste to accelerate MEP component installations.
  • We can spot conflicts and find immediate solutions in our HVAC Design Drawings.
  • HVAC CAD detailers instantly assemble Duct shop drawings with dimensions and structures using 3D benchmarks for HVAC systems.
  • The BIM model provides extensive project information, including the quality of materials, the order of erection, and cost estimation, once we transform HVAC drawings into it.
Area Covered by Us!
Residential and Non-Residential Complexes

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Our MEP engineering design offers advantages and ecologically responsible solutions for your project in many industries. Our engineers create MEPF BIM models and validate these models for the building's constructability, functionality, and upkeep. We possess an expansive scope of professional and profound subject knowledge holders. If you're seeking an HVAC project quote, you are at the right place. Call Us to Get a FREE Quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is design pressure in HVAC?

    One of the essential elements in HVAC design is static pressure. The resistance to airflow in ductwork and other components of a heating and cooling system is called static pressure. This is because no air will flow through the ducts until the air's push is higher than the flow's resistance.

    Describe HVAC design.
    HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are essential to a building's efficient operation. They are in charge of continuously maintaining comfortable circumstances.

  • There are two types of HVAC systems: ducted and ductless. To cool or heat a building, the central unit of a ducted system forces air through a network of air ducts. On the other hand, ductless systems don't have air ducts and employ different techniques to disperse treated air around a room.

  • Considerations for Creating an Effective HVAC System are as follows :
    For energy efficiency, each component's position is essential. Design your HVAC system as soon as feasible during a facility's development or re-fit. HVAC systems can operate more effectively if the building can be modified and insulated.

  • An HVAC system maintains a constant temperature throughout the commercial area or structure. Therefore, it is essential to provide the right amount to Ensure the building's safety and healthy while maintaining low energy expenditures.