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Before you begin on-site work, we assist you in identifying and resolving design flaws and conflicts.

The Silicon Engineering Consultant's Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design and engineering team offers comprehensive services that building owners want for effective operation, from new construction to retrofits and remodels. A seasoned MEP engineering firm in Canada minimises material requirements to lower installation costs while achieving excellent performance and adhering to codes, which is just one benefit of working with them. These services are highly beneficial where building expenses are high and construction regulations are stringent. We assemble a team of engineers, operators, and technicians to assist in building MEP systems' design, supervision, and validation during engineering and construction projects.

Mechanical Engineering Services

MEP engineering firms offer a core range of services before supplementing them with specialised ones like architectural lighting, sustainability, or energy management. There are numerous mechanical systems used in buildings. However, space heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems account for the majority of mechanical design work in both residential and commercial structures. Additionally, mechanical ventilation continuously supplies fresh air to maintain low and safe pollution levels. Building ventilation, heating, and engineers design air conditioning systems in the mechanical discipline.

Depending on the type of structure and project objectives, HVAC designs can get relatively complex. As a result, mechanical engineers working on MEP projects have several duties to guarantee a successful strategy. Their tasks include determining the necessary cooling capacity to sketch ducting on a design.

Electrical Engineering Services

Silicon EC offers all integrated building systems solutions at a single location. Plans and strategies for electrical engineering cover all lighting and are essential to the electrical engineering process. In most buildings, the lighting equipment is the electrical system with the most effective energy use. Therefore, close coordination between mechanical and electrical engineers is necessary for the field of HVAC.

Electrical experts in the MEP sector ensure adequate electrical service to the building. Electrical engineers offer solutions for high-consumption devices such as mechanical systems. They usually work with mechanical and plumbing designers to ensure appropriate design. Electrical engineers do a range of daily duties, much like mechanical engineers. In contrast, some days are spent in meetings or physically viewing projects, calculating, or modelling electrical design. Electrical designers can create lighting designs for buildings.

Plumbing Engineering Services

Our plumbing design team offers conscious experience, insight, and reliable performance to every project. MEP engineers use modern software to streamline the procedure and prevent conflicts. Collaboration between design teams is crucial because mechanical and electrical systems frequently interact with plumbing installations. Additionally, plumbing engineers develop a wide range of unique construction systems.

Plumbing engineers also manage various waste systems found in buildings, including sanitary, grease, and acid waste systems. Each method has distinct design and disposal requirements, which adds a lot of variation to the work of plumbing engineers.

Silicon EC provides full-service solutions for your MEP Building Information Modeling (BIM) needs. A comprehensive scope of complete MEP Projects

The Role of MEP in Building Construction!

Our committed and creative teams work hard to provide clients across various sectors with high-quality and sustainable solutions. Our courteous and enthusiastic engineers take every project personally and consistently work to create a strong and well-coordinated portfolio of design proposals that meet and exceed the brief's requirements. Our company's fundamental ability is to explain our designs clearly and artistically.

Building MEP systems are essential to the structure's effective planning and operation. Modern techniques, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), rapidly replace 2D design development as the industry's new standard. Special contractors have started utilising BIM software more and more to boost production. Interacting MEP systems using an integrated approach offers chances to enhance project performance.

Capabilities of Our MEP Service Providers

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MEP BIM Services

We provide full-service solutions for all your MEP BIM needs. As knowledgeable professionals, our team of MEP/HVAC engineers in the AEC sector is offering MEP BIM services to various industries, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, plants, and residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

MEP Coordination

To produce detailed plans, elevation, and section drawings for MEP services, including developing coordinated and single services drawings to further assist installation teams in reflecting our coordination systems during erection, we use cutting-edge software programs like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD MEP, and Navisworks.

MEP Drafting Services

Silicon EC provides MEP drafting services that make it possible to produce intricate coordination drawings of numerous systems, facilitating better communication between diverse engineering crafts. We benefit prevalent contractors, engineers, consultants, and fabricators by providing explicit illustrations for all MEP projects.

MEP Shop Drawing

Coordinating shop drawings offer details for the fabrication and induction of HVAC and MEPF Services. The MEP shop drawings are meticulously blended with fabrication knowledge and building zones.

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We start by carefully evaluating the needs and budget of our clients before working assiduously to build economic, reliable, safe, ecologically friendly systems, and simple to use and maintain. We at Silicon EC offer MEP Services perfectly and reasonably priced. Our objective is to evolve into known as a reputable MEP designer. You may contact us if you're searching for any MEP services, and we'll offer advice based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does MEP include?

    Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering is referred to as MEP. These three technological disciplines deal with the systems that render structures livable for people. Due to the high level of interaction between MEP systems, they are typically designed in tandem.

  • The installation and maintenance of HVAC systems and plumbing design, including stormwater management, lighting design, emergency power systems, industrial exhaust systems, etc., are all standard services MEP engineers offer.
    Which are the top 10 software used in MEP Engineering Services by Silicon EC?

  • Businesses create and use MEP designs to guarantee a project's smooth facilitation. These shop drawings include civil, architectural, and structural elements that greatly simplify the construction process.