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Shop Drawing that adds value to every Building.

A shop drawing is a drawing or collection of illustrations created by the fabricator, manufacturer, supplier, subcontractor, or contractor. Ensuring the smooth and efficient completion of the whole construction project requires a precise and correct set of information. Therefore, shop drawing services are one of the most crucial instruments and the foundation upon which the entire building project depends. A few examples are Elevators, windows, cabinets, pre-cast concrete, et cetera. Typically, the manufacturer's drawn rendition of the information is displayed in the building documentation. Our main goal is to provide coordination drawings that enhance a building's overall performance. Any construction project must have precisely coordinated drawings to be profitable.

Architectural Shop Drawings Services

Contractors, suppliers, and fabricators depend heavily on architecture shop drawings. Silicon EC generates the Architectural Shop Drawings to describe the specific component's intricate production. We collaborate with the customer by following international norms and conventions.

We also offer a general preference for joinery details drawings that extend further as joinery shop drawings when designing structures and buildings. The purpose of the architecture shop drawing is to demonstrate the information of the manufacturers or contractors according to the building papers of the architect. The architectural shop drawing steps demand a profound grasp of design and structure, which may make it a laborious effort.

Structural CAD Drafting Services

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings are one of the high-quality CAD Services offered by Silicon EC. The expert Steel Detailers team concentrates on providing accurate HVAC Duct Shop Drawings for various structures, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. HVAC System and Ducting are two of the numerous appearances incorporated during the planning process to create a solid framework. The HVAC Ductwork Shop drawings are accurate and include all the details that fabricators, erectors, and contractors need. Therefore, it is a vital tool for better installation of the HVAC project from the beginning to the conclusion. Services enclosed in HVAC Duct Shop Drawings are as follows:

  • Duct Layouts
  • Duct Material Specifications
  • Sizes of Duct and Pipes
  • Duct Levels
  • HVAC Coordination Details

Steel Fabrication Drawings Services

The process of creating steel fabrication drawings is where detailers and engineers communicate all the information and details used to continue the manufacture of steelwork. One of the most crucial components of the service is this collection of drawings, which requires excellent accuracy and precision. At our company, we follow all the guidelines and best practices to complete fabrication drawings successfully. Since these drawings are an essential component of the building's design, hiring the appropriate engineers who can check the formatting, determine the overall demand, and define structural elements is necessary. In conclusion, if there is a need for steel fabrication, whenever there is a necessity for producing steel.

Architectural BIM Services

Facade Shop Drawings Services

Facade Shop Drawings are the backbone of any Facade fabrication enterprise. A crucial component of structural engineering services is facade shop drawing services. Our idea is to offer cost-efficient and aesthetical Facade Fabrication Drawings to complement Clad Detailing Services. Facade design calls for specific knowledge and cutting-edge technology. The creation of facade detailing drawings requires a thorough analysis of the facade. The skilled facade designers at Silicon EC provide speedy and precise facade designing and shop drawings services:

  • Facade System Drawings in Detail Views
  • Curtain Wall Facade Detailing
  • Building facade detailing drawings
  • Aluminium Facade Detailing Services
  • Rainscreen Facade Drawing
  • Glass Facade Support

MEP Shop Drawings Services

With expertise, Silicon EC provides its clients widely in every continent with the best and most effective MEP Shop drawing services. Our engineering staff has experience and competence in producing HVAC shop drawings, which are crucial for MEP services. It is into consideration of our client's objectives and demands and our belief that we constantly assemble highly detailed, data-driven work that benefits the company and the clients’ projects.

In contrast to other documentation sets, the shop drawings for new building construction's MEP systems offer specific information on these systems. The degree of detail in MEP shop drawings is raised for fabrication and installation. We have a group of certified MEP engineers on staff with experience producing HVAC shop drawings per customer specifications.

Architectural 3D Modeling Service

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings Services

We deliver pipe fabrication drawings for mechanical piping projects. We are initiating precutting and prefabricating before bringing it to the work site prepared for installation. It also gives a detailed design with each element numbered to simplify the assembly of the complete system, saving countless hours of installation time.

Engineers and other experts develop a broad skill set that motivates them to produce Plumbing Engineering Shop Drawings with precise scales and measurements. In addition, each Plumbing and Piping Shop Drawing goes through a specific verifying and evaluating process, yielding an authentic and trustworthy outcome. As a result, the Plumbing Drawings created by our team of specialists go above and beyond our client's expectations while meeting their needs.

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings Services

Structural Shop Drawings Services

We provide comprehensive and standardised structural CAD drafting services. We collaborate with businesses such as construction firms, engineering consultants, and fabrication firms. Our members have the proficiency and training to operate on CAD observations and criteria within nations. We work hard to offer the highest quality work promptly, going above and beyond our client's expectations. Some of the services provided by Structural Shop Drawings Services are:

  • Structural Detailed Drawings
  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • Construction Shop Drawing
  • Structural Steel Detailing

BIM Shop Drawings Services

Silicon EC is your ultimate and final stop in searching for the best advice for BIM shop drawing services. Since we've been maintaining our knowledge and skills, we recognise the value of the service and the intricacy that comes with designing and drawing. We are the top provider of designs and graphics to the main AEC sectors because of our team's expertise in finding answers to all these problems. In addition, the BIM Services provided ensure the improvement of building with high quality.

Precast Shop Drawings Services

Silicon EC is a multiservice for your needs and requirements for Precast Shop Drawings services. The crew working here is very skilled, and they give these drawings with accurate comprehension and detailing. As a result, you may create Precast Shop Drawings quickly and accurately with limitless possibilities and complete automation. The element data is saved to the database after the 3D and 2D modelling of the precast components is complete.

Millwork Shop Drawings Services

At Silicon Engineering Consultants, we know the value of incorporating specialised architectural millwork design into a building project's interiors. For several architectural and interior design projects, we have finished millwork drawings. Assembling one's individuality is the goal of millwork, made possible by our specialised interior millwork shop drawings. Our Architectural Millwork Drafting Services give your interiors an additional dimension with meticulously created embellishments.

Steel Shop Drawing Services

AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sectors receive essential Steel Shop Drawings Services from Silicon EC. Our knowledgeable steel detailers keep up with the latest equipment and technology, making the full service of steel shop drawings simple and quick. In addition, engineers and steel detailers create structural shop drawings, graphs, and documents, to help with the manufacturing process. As a result, we have provided fast Steel Shop Drawings Services at the most affordable prices.

Implementing Shop Drawing Services brings massive innovative changes to the construction industry!

Construction Shop Drawing Services

Automatic generation of Shop Drawing through REVIT

Creating various devices requires a multitude of sketches, CAD designs, and drawings known as construction shop drawings. The goal of making these construction shop drawings is to provide instructions to the device maker to determine the quality standards and other essential parameters. Construction shop drawings are details and requirements for contractors displayed in 2D CAD construction papers. Construction shop drawings provide several benefits, including guaranteeing top-notch quality, uniformity in the component measurements, and the opportunity to address upcoming difficulties. Product manufacturers typically create these drawings for clients that want detailed designs for a specific project.

Why choose Silicon Engineering Consultants for outsourcing Shop Drawing Services?

  • Quality Control
    We verify the basics to high-level components utilised during the construction at every step followed. The checkers reliably checks and evaluates the essence of the work as advised by the clientele.
  • Collaboration
    Working coherently with the clients is the prime motive of the engineers. Therefore, all the construction data and documents are gathered and observed for easy deliverance within a stipulated period—consequently stating the necessary details of the construction unit.
  • Cost-effective
    The high construction and labour cost effectively divides and allocates resources among various departments within the construction unit. Furthermore, it economically saves and maintains factual working conditions amongst the workers.
  • Delivery Time
    After carefully checking the drawing, design, and model, the project delivery is virtualised at the storage, and the data thus transferred can be analysed for future aspects after consulting the designers to review the intake of the elements undertaken in the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What role do Shop Drawings play?

    A Shop Drawing is essential for the fabricators as it has sufficient details for building development. In addition, it distinguishes detailed figures and measurements for easy structurisation of the building.

  • To guarantee that every design component fits as intended in the design, shop drawings give the dimensions, measurements, and instructions required, considering the construction document provided by the client. For example, they might be Schedules, Diagrams, Illustrations & drawings, Brochures, and Sample submittals in the construction industry. In addition, it has elaborated diagrams, graphics, illustrations, and samples for reference and cross-checking.

  • Shop drawings include the technical information necessary to convey how the project's components are manufactured and installed. They foster an undivided vision essential for bringing challenging building projects together.

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