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Our experts have worked on projects including preliminary and detailed design, making us one of the most reliable and highly regarded structural engineering service suppliers. In addition, we are a top provider of structural drafting services, rendering preliminary sketches and ideas into designs advantageous to clients. To guarantee efficient and successful project execution, our architects, engineers, drafters, and modelers have competency with all cutting-edge technologies. Having said this, we follow a basic and customized process that is as and when required for every single Structural Engineering Project.

Structural CAD Drafting Services

Silicon EC is a prominent and customer-focused CAD Service provider in Canada, offering its standardized and comprehensive Structural CAD Drafting Services. We collaborate with significant AEC firms, fabrication firms, engineering consultants, construction firms, steel detailing firms, and others to offer top-notch job deliverables within the specified turnaround time. In addition, our organization and its engineers have expertise in using modern technology and standards to work on shop drawing services, steel detailing, and structural CAD drafting for various sites.

We provide our valued clients with structural drawing and drafting services that are clear, accurate, and focused on results, all while adhering to the most current drafting standards, protocols, and methodologies. In addition, we offer various kinds of structural drafting services for reinforced, composite, steel, and timber buildings.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Structural 3D BIM Modeling Services

With the ability to handle multiple infrastructure projects of all sizes, we are the one-stop solution that provides complete and adequate Structural BIM Modeling Services. Our BIM structural models offer in-depth information that may include crucial details and data points for project evaluation and design analysis. Structural BIM Modeling Services' outstanding adaptability in the study of the design and incorporation of all essential changes in the methods and drawings are some of its key advantages.

Receiving the data in the required form and with correctness is made simpler and faster with the software Revit and Autodesk Revit integration. Here are the significant services rendered by Silicon EC :

  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • 3D modeling Construction
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Steel Structure Detailing
  • 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM Services

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Silicon EC offers clients one of the most cutting-edge methods for structural steel detailing. Our engineers are competent in handling the most comprehensive spectrum of structural steel detailing projects for residential and commercial structures. Our team completes an extensive range of services for Structural Steel projects, Steel Detailing technologies, software, and codes. These services are result-oriented, inventive, thorough, and specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Our skilled structural steel detailers design the whole project and, after careful execution, share its overall structural impact and pricing with its clients. Our primary goal is to describe and consider the steel's strength, stability, stiffness, and rigidity for better performance.

Architectural BIM Services

Structural 2D Drafting and Detailing Services

We deliver distinguished, high-quality, and determined structural 2D drafting and detailing services. For the practical completion of structural designing and detailing services, our staff is skilled and adaptable in adhering to the necessary norms and rules. We push ourselves to complete the job before the deadline to live up to our client's expectations and earn their confidence.

Uncertain with the project's scope, complexity, and scalability, we strive to provide structural engineering & design at all levels, from small structures to large-scale engineering details & modeling to pre-existing design analysis and construction documentation. In addition, we aim to be consistent in outsourcing options for CAD, engineering, BIM, detailing, and other related services.

Architectural Design Services

Revit Structural Services

Silicon EC is the multiservice provider of Revit structural services for clients in Canada and across the continent. We are up to speed on using all the tools, software, and codes needed for a successful and conflict-free supply of structural services. Due to the significance of the services, we assist with all design and drafting services required during the design analysis process, which further enables contractors and structural engineers to continue working side by side. Revit's successful and straightforward integration and coordination make all of this feasible. To ensure the client's expectations while outsourcing Revit structural services, we carry additional customized work that is essential to the services.

Architectural 3D Modeling Service

Are you looking for a reliable partner? We are a 3D Design Company with Creative Structural Drafting and Designing Ideas.

The flow of the Strcutural Engineering Services Process

  • Define Project Scope
    The team determines the conceptual, preliminary, and in-depth review and knowledge of the design and drawings are necessary.
  • Examine Client Intakes
    Verify the information provided by the client and modify the appropriate structural analysis strategy.
  • Project Implementation
    Client input and shared data are used to develop the initial level of the preliminary structural design.
  • Assign Project Execution
    The structural engineers adhere to the client's specifications. The project is strictly completed with attention to the requirements.
  • Build on Structural Consideration
    We aim to create precise structural drawings in 2D or 3D formats based on structural Developing
  • Recommend Structural Changes
    Representing the structural design in conduit for sharing information about the plans, elevations, and sections.

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What are the advantages of hiring Silicon EC Canada for Structural Engineering Services?

Expertise and Experiment

Due to our combined expertise in structural engineering, we guarantee a secure and long-lasting solution that satisfies the design goal.

Advanced Knowledge

Our structural designs are based on current regulations and standards. Our engineers use exclusive techniques, knowledge, and approaches to several As-built strategies.

Effectiveness and Importance

The precast model supports accessible communication while rendering quality and quantitative service, increased productivity and prefabrication work with early association and teamwork.

Works better together with our team!

Operating on the most delinquent technologies enables delivery of the design per the client's expectations. Also, our foremost objective is to construct substantial and prolonged business terms with our clients. Having said this, contact us today for reliable, efficient, and effective structural engineering services at affordable and economical rates. If you want to have the quotes for the services, you can also fill out the form, and the team will be at your service within 24 business hours with the required data set.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Structural Engineer do?

    Determining a building is a specialty of structural engineers. They assess issues and develop remedies. We create a building's infrastructure and other major structural components. We mainly collaborate with architects to make their distinctive concepts constructible.

  • Yes, Silicon EC does provide Free Quotes. However, the average cost may increase depending on the project's scope and if a new structure is being built or renovated. Get a free estimate before employing a structural engineer, usually.

  • An engineering drawing, called a structural drawing, is a set of plans and details that show how a building or other structure is built. Architectural drawings offer information for structural designs, which licensed professional engineers typically create.

  • Structural design is essential in civil engineering since it helps secure the structure. The plan provides all the necessary information about the quality of materials facilitating and meeting all safety requirements.

  • We need Structural Engineers to apply physical rules and practical information used in structural engineering to provide the safest possible solution for you. Making a structural plan or design is the next stage after a structural engineer inspection.